Service additives

We stop leaking coolant

The car or truck radiator is leaking and will not hold coolant? This can be caused by small leaks or hairline cracks that result in loss of coolant and impair the cooling and heating capacity of the system. In addition, deposits in the cooling and heating system can hinder the release of heat.

The result: the engine can be damaged from overheating and the operational reliability of the vehicle is not longer ensured.

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  1. Klima Fresh / AC Cleaner
    Klima Fresh / AC Cleaner
    • Odor neutralizer
    • System cleaning
    • Fresh smell
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  2. 2in1 EGR Cleaner
    2in1 EGR Cleaner
    • Dissolves deposits
    • Cleans the exhaust gas recirculation system
    • Reduces pollutant emissions
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  3. Clean-Up for engines
    Clean-Up for engines
    • Clean-up effect
    • Resolves all residues completely
    • Protects against engine damage
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  4. Clean-Up ATF
    Clean-Up ATF
    • For quick cleaning of automatic transmissions
    • No laking and sludge deposit
    • Clean transmission in 5 - 15 minutes
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  5. Throttle valve cleaner spray
    Throttle valve cleaner spray
    • Quick and easy cleaning
    • Simple application
    • Corrosion protection
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